Lotus plus syrup

A  combination  of  12  plants  extracts, especially  concentrated.
Strawberry  flavored.

Ingredients: Nelumbo  nucifera (lotus), sambucus  nigra (elderberry  flowers), sambucus  nigra  fruits (elderberry  fruits), Echinacea  angustifolia, calendula  officinalis, plantago  Ianceolata (ribwort  plantain), euphrasia  officinalis (eyebright), althaea  officinalis (marsh-mallow), coptis  chinensis (Chinese  goldthreat), xanthium  strumarium, pinellia  ternate (crow-dipper), commiphora  myrrha (myrrh).

Suggested  usage: Daily: 2  Teaspoons (10  ml) twice  a  day.
If  needed: 2  Teaspoons (10  ml) every  3  hours.
Kids: Half  of  the  adults'  dose.
Shake  well  before  using.

Size: 200  ml

Mehadrin  Kosher  parveh 


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